Guv Ignores People with Disabilities

Since one out five New Jersey’s citizens has a disability, you’d think Governor Corzine would want to hear what we have to say. Not so.

Visit his website, and you’ll find a drop-down menu that will let you express your opinion of twenty-odd topics, everything from the lottery to arts and leisure, BUT NOT ‘DISABILITY’, not even an “Other’ that would let you fill in the blank.

New York’s Governor lets you choose between Disability and Civil Rights and the other three states surrounding us offer an Other as a minimum.

And its not as it Corzine doesn’t know any better. Over the last three years NEXT STEP has brought this omission to the attention of three of his commissioners, his IT guys and, recently, to his campaign director, Maggie Moran. They all scribbled furiously on their notepads, made a lot of promises and … NOTHING.

BE HEARD! Go to NEXT STEP’s Take Action webpage and tell Corzine to listen to us. Tell his campaign that your vote and ours depends on it. Just put your name and address on an email with this message and we’ll throw in a copy to your State Senator and Assemblypersons as a bonus.


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