THE BUDGET GAME – Get it? Got it. Good!

Here’s how it works. The Governor throws out a whole bunch of budget cuts, people yell and he takes back the ones that the most people yell about because he’s up for election next year. I got it when so many folks complained about cuts in their homeowners’ rebates that he pulled back on the cuts that affected the most voters.

What a civics lesson! The question is: What are those of us with disabilities going to learn from it? Try this!

Lesson One: Corzine’s budget would cut us to pieces. People with developmental disabilities, especially the 2,400 who are locked up in institutions against the law will still be denied their freedom because of their disability label…and because Corzine doesn’t think it’s worth the money to free them.

Independent Living Centers will be cut, too, as I said in my previous post. So will other programs vital to the lives and well-being of people with disabilities. I’ll get to those in future posts but you can beat me to it by commenting about them here.

Lesson Two: (a quick one) The Governor and his campaign don’t think we count at the ballot box or they wouldn’t have hurt us so much in his budget.

Lesson Three: We do count. The percentage of registered voters with disabilities in New Jersey is the highest in the nation. NEXT STEP veterans saw to that when they registered 20,000 new voters and we’ll be registering more this year.

We’re one-fifth of the state’s population. If we vote together, if we vote our own interests like other groups do, we can decide who the next governor of New Jersey is, particularly in an election that is as close as next year’s will be. Yes, that’s really possible.

Get it? Got it. Good!


One Response to “THE BUDGET GAME – Get it? Got it. Good!”

  1. sidney blanchard Says:

    More cuts may be coming as the tax returns show less money. The Treasurer will report on May 19th and the Tax Amnesty is over June 10th.After that the current State Budget will need to be adjusted to make the June 30, 2009 Balance and the July 1-June 30, 2010 Budget put into effect.

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