On May 18th, Governor Corzine, supported by both New Jersey Senators, will host an Open House at the Trenton War Memorial from 8:45 am to 1 pm explain what our state is doing with our share of the American  Recovery and Reinvestment Act – the federal stimulus package. He’s afraid to do it alone.

 The money is supposed to be spent to create jobs and services to improve the economy. However, rumor has it that Corzine is just going to dump the money into the bottomless pit of the state’s budget deficit and none of us will benefit from it as Obama and Congress intended.

 I’ll be there to ask questions and find out if any of that money will trickle down to benefit those of us with disabilities as it’s supposed to or whether he’ll just use it so he and his rich friends can continue to enjoy the 30% tax cut Governor Whitman gave them 14 years ago.

Please join me and add to the fun. Just email the Governor’s Office and tell ‘em you’ll be there. I’ll save you a seat.


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