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Victory on CIL Cuts

June 30, 2009



 On May 14th, more than 200 of us rallied in front of the Statehouse in Trenton to protest cuts in funding for Centers for Independent Living in Governor Jon Corzine’s 2010 budget. When the Governor signed the budget on June 29, the cuts were gone!

 To chants of “No Cuts” and “We Want Corzine,” the riled-up crowd listened to New Jersey’s disability leaders challenge the folly of trying to fill a $3 billion budget hole with the measly $125,000 cut proposed for the centers. As one speaker said, “Corzine has already poured that much money into his state SUV trying to get re-nominated.”

 While the cuts may have appeared small, they would have cost each affected center one full-time staff position. While that’s a sad commentary on New Jersey’ commitment to people with disabilities, that’s a fight for another day.

 Right now, it’s time to celebrate:


 All of us who showed up for the demonstration learned an important lesson…or re-learned it if we had forgotten. When we all work together, all things are possible.

 All of you who were there got to experience the power that collective action generates. I can’t speak for you, of course, but it completely re-charged my batteries.

 And, finally, many people with disabilities will be served who would not have been if we hadn’t stopped the cuts, people who will join us as we continue to work for change



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